About Us

Our Company

Central Kansas Orthopedic Group Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine offers evidence-based, individualized physical therapy services to residents of Great Bend, Kansas and communities for about a 50 mile radius.

We are known for our ability to improve our patients’ lives though our one-on-one approach that is focused on manual therapy.

In addition to general orthopedics and sports injuries, we specialize in providing preventative care, pre and post-surgical care, nerve conduction/EMG testing and physical therapy for a host of different injuries and conditions. We focus on the individual, not just the injury.

Operating since 2012, we are located at 1514 NW K 96 Hwy next to a group of orthopedic surgeons.

Our hands on approach is effective in providing preventative care, pre/post-operative care, nerve conduction/EMG testing and physical therapy. We will help you reach your goals with confidence and help prevent your injuries from recurring.

Operating since April 2012, our modern and fresh facility is situated next to a group of orthopedic surgeons. We have ample free parking and an accessible building.

Our facility offers state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment and a broad range of therapeutic services all delivered in a clean and friendly environment. You can expect to receive the very best in personal attention and treatment from our experienced and highly-trained staff. To add to your level of comfort and ensure continuity of care, you will see the same therapist for each visit.

We place a high emphasis on continuing education and for that reason alone, you will find our staff is up to date on all the latest science-based treatments and aware of much of the research currently being conducted in their field.