Braces and Durable Medical Equipment

We carry braces and other Durable Medical Equipment to help you get past your current injury or ailment. We currently carry "off the shelf" products for a variety of conditions:

Knee braces:

- Ligament (ACL/PCL/MCL) instabilities

- Osteoarthritis (OA) unloading braces

- Post surgical

Elbow braces:

-Lateral and medial epicondylitis

- Post surgical or post fracture braces

Ankle braces:

- Lateral ankle support

- Post surgical and post fracture

Hip braces:


-post surgical

Wrist/Hand/Finger braces:

- Carpal tunnel

- Finger fractures

- Motion control braces

If you need a brace or orthotic for a condition or injury, call us at 620-793-5073 or visit our clinic.