“Eager to get back onto the golf course after last year’s long winter, I had a chance to play every day for a week. I thought I was in heaven. Then Sunday morning came around and the slight pain I was feeling in my shoulder materialized to a full-blown intensive pain and I could barely move my arm or my shoulder. I consulted the experts at Central Kansas PT and discovered I had frozen shoulder, a repetitive strain injury. I figured my season was shot for good. But in an amazingly short time they had me back on the course playing like it had never happened. I now have an exercise program I follow religiously as well to prevent it from recurring. They were so receptive to my needs and my quality of life, I was very grateful! I would certainly recommend them for their effectiveness and their compassion.”

-         Paul S.


“Following a serious car accident, I doubted I would ever again walk without pain and an obvious limp. Even as the injuries healed, the pain was unrelenting. My doctor suggested I consult a physical therapist and I admit I went reluctantly. I just felt hopeless. From the first appointment I had at Central Kansas Physical Therapy I felt they looked at me as an individual with a unique problem. They spent time evaluating and talking with me and telling me the pros and cons of different courses of treatment, and why they recommended one over another. I agreed to follow their plan and in just four weeks, I realized one morning I was walking around by garden having ‘forgotten’ my cane. Six months later I walk two miles every day and am pain-free. How can you say thank-you enough when somebody gives you your life back? Thank you Dr. Moore!”

-         Susan F


“I had a total hip replacement four months ago after many months of pain that had limited my ability to live life as actively as I wished. My doctor said the operation was a success, and if I wanted a complete recovery, I should see a physical therapist. I debated about it, but I went. A friend of mine had the same operation at about the same time, and she opted not to. I was given treatments but also a set of exercises I had to do myself at home. At this point, I have no pain, no restriction of movement and I am able to walk farther and do more things that I had previously been able to do. My friend, however, is still experience some pain and just hasn’t got the strength that I have. It’s a daily reminder to me of the benefits of physical therapy if you want to get back to living your life as pain free as possible.”

-         Jennie W.